Mix 107.9

Mix 107.9


Call letters: WVMX-FM, Westerville, OH
Branding: Mix 107.9
Tagline: Today’s Best Mix
Format: Hot Adult Contemporary (Hot-AC)
Website: mymix1079.com

Primary target

Females 25-44

What is hot adult contemporary?

Hot-AC is a contemporary hit music format for adults. Hot-AC is the fastest growing radio format and offers much of the same music as a traditional top-40 station but avoids music that only appeals to younger listeners, such as hard rap and rock. Mix 107.9 is the station that both mother and daughter can enjoy together!

The Mix target listener

Females with active lifestyles. Mix 107.9 is targeted at reaching the demographic that consists of the largest consumer buying group in the country.

Listener profile

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Core artists

Pink, Maroon 5, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Kelly Clarkson