12 YEARS of data from 5,000 campaigns in over 100 categories proves…Radio adds PUNCH to your digital campaign

By Radio Ink – October 11, 2022

New Nielsen research shows that when advertisers utilize a mix of digital advertising platforms with Radio the results are much stronger.

How Advertising Works from the Advertising Research Foundation is a study conducted on advertising effectiveness. it was based on over 5,000 campaigns totaling 12 years of data and $375 billion in advertising spend in 41 countries across over 100 categories.

Cumulus/Westwood One’s Pierre Bouvard makes the case for using radio and digital in conjunction with each other for stronger results for your advertisers.

Bouvard details the new research and his thoughts in a 12-minute video

In his latest blog on the topic Bouvard says AM/FM radio is a reach accelerator: “Campaign reach soars +27% to +94% when AM/FM radio is added to a digital-only plan

For each of the three digital campaigns (heavy, medium, and light), the addition of AM/FM radio was priced as a 20% increase to the base digital plan. According to Nielsen Media Impact, the media optimization platform, heavy, medium, and light digital campaigns see a boost in audience reach when AM/FM radio is introduced into the media plan.

  • A heavy digital plan sees campaign reach increase +27% with the addition of AM/FM radio
  • A medium digital plan generates a +38% reach growth when AM/FM radio is introduced
  • A light digital media plan finds campaign reach almost doubles (+94%) when AM/FM radio is added to the plan

Bouvard says the greater reach lift occurs with adding AM/FM radio to the smallest digital campaign. “Advertisers with small budgets are sometimes concerned that adding new media platforms might spread themselves too thin. These new findings from Nielsen should be exciting news for advertisers with small digital budget programs. The 20% increase to the budget to add AM/FM radio to the small digital campaign results in an eye-popping doubling of reach.”